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πŸ’ƒ Can you believe it… I’ve been your Local Councillor for 2 years now – and absolutely loving serving our community in this way! 😊

I set out to be the Councillor I had wanted as a resident and felt the community deserved – someone who is accessible, responsive, engaged with our community, informative, focused on transparency, takes an evidence-based approach and puts residents at the heart of Council decisions. I think this is the Councillor I am but what’s most important is what you think!

I must say I was worried about whether I could make that much of a difference as one, new independent Councillor – given there are 15 Councillors – but I’ve far exceeded my own expectations and am so grateful for having a seat at the table, to be able to shine a light on important issues and bring about many improvements that benefit our community in small and big ways now and into the future (even if the change is sometimes slower than I’d like). πŸ‘

There have of course been a lot of frustrations and challenges and I’ve still got such a long list of things I want to see delivered for our city. So, I’m excitedly counting down until 14th September 2024 when I hope you elect me again to represent you on City of Parramatta Council.

For now, January is our Councillor ‘break’ period and I’m using the time to recharge and plan the year ahead… as well as have fun outings with my boys and continue to share some helpful info and respond to enquiries where I can.

Thank you for your ongoing feedback – this only works as a two-way street! And as always, a special thank you to my family and my support crew for keeping me grounded and sane!

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