Urgent Matters

Call City of Parramatta Council on 1300 617 058 or 02 9806 5050 for urgent matters, like a car blocking you in, stray dog or dog attack, dangerous pothole, fallen tree blocking the road, flooding and illegal dumping taking place. When calling outside of normal business hours, please stay on the line and you’ll be put through to Council’s after hours customer service and/ or Ranger on duty after the out of business hours message.

NOTE: Reporting urgent matters via email or Snap Send Solve is very likely to delay the matter being resolved.

General Matters

To report repairs and general matters, you can contact Council which ever way best suits you – email, phone or Snap Send Solve.

Raising a Matter with Your Local Councillor

If you’ve reported an issue to Council but haven’t heard back in a reasonable time or the matter wasn’t resolved to your satisfaction, you can escalate the issue to me. I also very much welcome your suggestions on improvements that can be made to your local neighbourhood and our City.

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