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Let’s talk RecycleSmart – as many of you have asked me whether City of Parramatta is signing up. The short answer is no, and here’s the explanation provided at our last Council meeting…

Council staff have met with RecycleSmart representatives and spoken to other Councils that have used this service. It’s not recommended City of Parramatta Council participate in this program due to concerns about the business model being only a transport service with no certainty of the end market of the materials they’re collecting.

It’s understood RecycleSmart employs drivers, similar to an Uber service, who collect hard to recycle items from people’s doorsteps and then take them to a site that accepts these items, without necessarily having an agreement in place.

Council staff are of the view that the cost to participate is not value for money as many waste types, such as paints, batteries, mobile phones and textiles, can already be safely recycled across a number of locations within the Parramatta LGA at no extra cost, including via our Problem Waste Mobile Service.

♻️ Please use Council’s A to Z Guide to Waste and Recycling to find out more.

Also, once Parramatta Council’s Community Recycling Centre is established (hopefully in the next year) it will be another channel to safely recycle problematic waste with the aim of being the one stop waste solution for Parramatta LGA residents.

I hope this explains things. I’ll provide more details on recycling soft plastics soon.

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