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🏌️‍♀️ NSW Government drives further wedge between East and West Sydney…. with the approval of part of Oatlands Golf Course to be built up with 7-storey apartments, while at the same time part of a Golf Course in Sydney’s East is to be turned into a public park.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news…. the Sydney Central Planning Panel has just approved the development of part of Oatlands Golf Course for 140 ‘seniors’ units (buildings of 3-7 storeys), against City of Parramatta Council’s recommendation, significant community opposition and being completely out of character in the R2 zoned Oatlands area – all in the name of addressing the ‘housing crisis’.

This puts to an end year of community and Council opposition for (open space) land zoned for recreational use (up until 2022), in an area with 2 storey homes and little public transport, being developed to such bulk and scale… address the ‘missing middle’ yes, but 7 storey apartments in the middle of Oatlands – I say it’s ridiculous.

It seems it’s open season for developers, with NSW Government giving the green light to ignore approved Local Housing Strategy’s, zoning and good town planning… all in a LGA that is already 99% of the way to reaching its 2026 housing target! This is despite now Planning Minister Paul Scully telling a public forum in March that the development was out of character with the rest of Oatlands.

It was always going to be hard for the community to compete with the multi-million-dollar views and profit this development presents… but this flies in the face of increasing density where there’s community infrastructure and in identified, approved growth precincts.

NOTE: views expressed here are my own – excuse the golf puns. And yes, there are definitely differences between the two situations, but both involve approval by the NSW Government and reflect an inconsistency between what is being said and done in different parts of Sydney.

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