In speaking with thousands of locals over the last year, I often get asked similar questions and hear similar frustrations. Here’s a list of the most common questions and concerns. Please let me know if you have a question or concern… the better informed we are, the easier it is to enjoy where we live!

Construction and DAs

Building site hours are generally 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm on Saturday, with no work on Sunday/ public holidays. Call Council to report noise outside these hours. Read more about managing neighbourhood noise here.

Use Council’s DA Tracker, which now has a handy map feature. I also recommend signing up to the Planning Alerts website to find out what DAs are being submitted in your area.

Complying development is a combined planning and construction approval for straightforward development that can be determined through a fast-track assessment by an accredited private certifier or Council.

Complying development applies to homes, businesses and industry and allows for a range of things like the construction of a new dwelling house, alterations and additions to a house, new industrial buildings, demolition of a building, and changes to a business use.

It was introduced by the former NSW Government to fast track small-scale development and comes with a number of downsides (particularly when not done properly), including nearby residents only needing to be notified of construction. 

If you want to make a comment or an objection to a development proposal, you will need to make a submission to Council by post, email or via Council’s online submissions portal.

A submission does not have to be long nor prepared by a planning professional. It can be in writing or provided verbally (if required), and should reference the development site address and application number, state the name and address of the submitter (although this is not mandatory) and clearly identify the aspects of a proposal that are of interest to the person submitting and explain why. 

Read more about how to make a submission on a DA here.

Traffic, Roads and Footpaths

Please report all potholes on local roads to Council. In most cases, they will be filled within 3 days, with road resurfacing work done a few months later if required.

You must not park within 3m of any double dividing lines.

This means on narrow streets with double white lines, cars aren’t legally allowed to park on the street.

With all the rain and construction over the last few years, there’s a growing number of broken stormwater drains, with a large backlog also due to covid. Council is currently scheduling repairs for 50 of the 141 broken stormwater drains known to Council within the next few months. The remaining damaged stormwater drains will be fixed over the coming 18 months. 

See a map of the damaged stormwater drains and which ones have been prioritised to be fixed first here.

Footpaths are prioritised based on foot traffic and supporting access to public transport, shops and schools.

Footpaths are usually installed on one side of the road for less busy streets and main roads will have footpaths down both sides.

In deciding whether to install new footpath, Council weighs up the benefit with the cost, which includes the cost of building it, plus also the impact footpaths can have on increasing heat, reducing permeable surface, increasing water runoff and damaging tree roots.

Waste and Recycling

It can be tricky to know what can go in the yellow-lid bin for recycling. Pizza boxes and plastic lids on bottles are a YES. But soft plastic must go in the red bin and batteries must not go in any bin. Dispose of household batteries at your local library or supermarket.

City of Parramatta has budgeted about $13m to build a Community Recycling Centre. Unfortunately it’s proven difficult to find a suitable site and so this project has been delayed. It’s hoped that construction can commence in 2023/24.

Food organics garden organics (FOGO) collection is set to commence in November 2024. More information will be provided to residents, as well as kitchen caddy’s and liners, in the lead up to the roll out of FOGO across the Parramatta LGA.

Council has a Mobile Problem Waste service that collects from your home. You can also drop off these items at different waste drop-off events at the Rydalmere Operations Centre throughout the year.


There are a number of ways you can get in touch with Council to report an issue or enquiry about a matter.

For urgent matters, I strongly recommend you call Council on 1300 617 058 or 02 9806 5050.

For all other matters, you can email or use Snap Send Solve app.

Get in touch with me to share ideas for local improvements. And sign-up to Participate Parramatta to provide input on specific community projects.

There are different expected response times for the 100+ types of requests made to Council. Council is currently reviewing the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) across Council to make it simpler and will then make these available.

In the meantime, I recommend you follow up with Council and you can escalate matters to me as well.

Council produces a quarterly budget and operations plan review, which is available online.

Council’s Annual Report is also a very helpful summary of what Council has delivered over the last year. 

Transport and Parking

The light rail was set to open March 2023, but due to delays the NSW Government will now open it in May 2024. I continue to advocate for the active transport link to open sooner.

Unfortunately two of Council’s carparks were forcibly acquired by the NSW Government – to build Powerhouse Parramatta and the Metro West.

Council has also found that a large number of people are misusing the Mobility Parking Scheme to get all day free parking in on-street parking across the CBD.

Council has a carpark strategy and is working to address both issues in the medium and long term.

In the meantime, make sure to use the Parking Finder if you are driving to Parramatta CBD.

Community Infrastructure

The new Parramatta Aquatic Centre is set to open in spring 2023.

Wildlife and Pets

Dogs must be on a leash at all times when outdoors, except in an off-leash area – fines of up to $1,100 may be issued. There are 10 dog parks across the Parramatta LGA for dogs to enjoy.


I attend the quarterly Cumberland Police Area Command community safety meetings and there hasn’t been an increase number of car break-ins in our area – so it may be that more people are sharing it online, or not reporting it to Police. 

Police data shows that most cars ‘broken into’ were left unlocked. So remember to check your car and home is locked before you go to bed.

Note: Policing is a NSW Government responsibility. Council plays a role in designing community spaces for improved safety

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