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I would like to make you aware of a proposal to build a childcare centre for 66 children on Kirby Street in Rydalmere, which you can provide feedback on until 27th June – DA/295/2023

68 Kirby Street Rydalmere

While there is a need for childcare in the area, there have been about 15 DA’s for childcare centres locally since 2019, with 6 approved and a number of others still under assessment.

The design of the proposed childcare centre for 68 Kirby Street is better than most of the ones I’ve seen – it’s in keeping with the local area, has good outdoor space and solar access. But there are a number of areas of concern…

The BIG issue is the location – right on an accident prone corner on Kirby Street where a number of cars have previously ended up in the front yard… hence the reason why there are so many trees there (to try and protect the house and the family that used to live there). The DA however proposes to remove 16 trees from the property.

68 Kirby Street is also on the lower western side and prone to flooding, which will likely be an issue for the proposed basement carpark, with entry from Kirby Street, for 16 cars.

Then there are potential traffic issues with the DA proposing to add a new 0.6m wide central median within Kirby Street, with a ‘No Right Turn’ for southbound traffic on Kirby Street. The problem with this is that Kirby St is already tight when cars are parked on both sides along this section and the addition of the median strip will likely result in no cars being able to park on the street here – as well as limit the nearby residents from exiting and entering their homes.

It’s also about 1km walk from local bus stops, likely resulting in the majority of the 11 staff and parents of the 66 children needing to drive to the proposed childcare centre, with 16 car spaces (unless they live nearby). This will then impact parking on local streets, like Acacia Street.

Note: I’m providing a summary of the DA to assist you provide constructive feedback if you live nearby or travel along Kirby Street. As a Councillor, I have no role in the assessment of the DA and all opinions here are my own.

2 Replies to “DA for Childcare Centre at 68 Kirby Street, Rydalmere”

  1. Mark says:

    Thank you for your comments. Great to have a councillor on our side. Totally agree with all your comments. Traffic safety is a MAJOR issue at this site.

    Do you have access to the land dimensions. I am questioning if there is enough land area for the necessary space to construct the centre for 66 children.

    There needs to be a minimum of 700m2 for external and internal child area, then there are the required setbacks from streets, side and rear boundary. I need block dimensions to calculate these.



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