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Thank you Councillor Kellie Darley for City of Parramatta. You are almost the sole reason many of us know so much about Parra Council initiatives and positive ways to give direct feedback. Your many years of dedication to the area (way before being part of the council) does not go unnoticed.
March 2023
Thank you for shining a light on everything you touch Councillor Kellie Darley for City of Parramatta Your courage and bravery for speaking up about things that matter is just so damn admirable. There should be more souls like you in government!
February 2023
Thank you Kellie for all your hard work this year for the community. It is so noticeable just how the community has benefited from your commitment to our many requests and the completion of many tasks... Finally topping off a good year with a great fireworks display that brought all the community together to enjoy a spectacular end to the year.
January 2023
Just want to say appreciate all your posts and keeping us all informed. And also tnx u for your quick response to my mozzie email too. You are so invested in our community and we need more representatives in leadership that care and are transparent like you. Take care
April 2022
Thank you for providing this missing link of communicated information. You are doing the work of a whole department
March 2023
Well done. I'm sure everyone, like myself appreciates everything you have done. Great work.
November 2022
Local representative of Council should make themselves approachable and connect with their local residents thank you for setting a good example and being different!!!!!
May 2022
Thank you Kellie for always keeping us updated.
April 2023
Love your work and the transparency throughout your comms!
June 2022
Thank you for doing things differently! I certainly appreciate it
June 2022

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