You may remember, I’m the accidental politician – a community leader who hoped I could achieve more for our City as a Councillor, but also worried it may be harder to make change from inside Council. 

Well every single day I can see the tangible, positive impact I’m having! I’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve you and our City with integrity, and to improve transparency. My evidence-based, community-centred approach is already making Parramatta an even better place to live, play and work. 

Here’s a summary of the achievements I’ve played an important role in making happen, since I was elected as an independent Councillor in December 2021. 

Note: I’m still in the process of updating this page.

Toilets in Centenary Square Joyce Summerland Honey


Every day I’ve helped hundreds of residents better understand Council and what’s happening in their neighbourhood by sharing info online, in person and through changes to our website.


Parramatta be one of the first Councils in Greater Sydney to roll out food recycling to every household. From November 2024, you’ll put your food waste in the green bin, which will be collected weekly.

Parks and Open Spaces

One of our most popular sportsground, Doyle Ground in North Parra, is also one of our soggiest – and the facilities aren’t meeting the needs of our growing community. Well it’s about to get a $12m upgrade!

Our parks must be a complementary network of outdoor community spaces to meet our varied and growing needs – one park can’t be everything to everyone! To achieve this, work has started on an Open Spaces Plan.


There will now be a 15m gap between new office buildings in our CBD. This will make our CBD a much nicer and healthier place, with more sunshine, fewer wind tunnels and more space to safely gather.

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