On the NSW electoral roll and appreciate Kellie’s work for our community? Well she’d love your support to form a local government political party!

Having a political party puts Kellie ‘above the line’ (where most people vote), making it easier to get re-elected and continue to champion for my community on City of Parramatta Council. It would also mean Kellie could support other community leaders to run to represent our community on Council.

There are no joining fees or obligations, and you don’t need to live in the Dundas Ward or City of Parramatta for that matter… it’s simply a matter of filling in a one page form with your contact details and signing it in support for Kellie’s work as your elected Councillor (then email it to Kellie)

You can read more about why Kellie is forming a political party and what’s involved the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Once you complete this form, we’ll be in touch.

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Are you happy to become a member of Kellie's political party for Local Government elections? There's no membership fees nor obligations

Contact Details

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Membership FAQ

Most votes are cast in Council elections ‘above the line’. This is especially true for the growing number of postal and early voters, who may not have received how to vote cards.

Political parties get to have their party name above the line, whereas independents don’t get any identifying information, except the group letter (eg Group C). So while Kellie gets to have her name below the line, there is nothing above the line where most voters are looking – and this contributed to a low online and postal vote for Kellie last election.

By registering a political party, we have a ‘brand name’ we can use on our campaign material and it will make it easier for voters to find us on the ballot paper.

It also allows for the possibility of supporting like-minded community leaders to run as candidates in other wards and they would also get to use the same ‘brand name’.

The objectives* of the Community Champions party are to:

  • Amplify the voice and impact of community leaders by endorsing them as candidates in Local Government elections
  • Advocate in the best interests of our community and for the greatest public benefit
  • Work towards creating a highly liveable, thriving and sustainable city in nature
  • Operate with integrity and make transparent, evidence based decisions
  • Engage with, and be available to, the community to support their input into Council
  • Advance policy positions which support families, climate action and social justice
  • Advocate for the principles of open and responsible government
  • Develop and support courageous, positive leaders who challenge the status quo and help our community navigate the challenges we face together
  • Support elected Community Champions Councillors in their duties

* We are still finalising these objectives and welcome your feedback.

This party is only being registered for local government elections. We can’t use this registration to run for state or federal elections and we have no intention of running in those elections. The intention is to only run candidates for the City of Parramatta at this time.

In order to register a political party, we need at least founding 100 members – who the NSW Electoral Commission can confirm are enrolled to vote.

We need to submit our political party registration by early May 2023 to be approved in time for Council elections in September 2024.

The Community Champions party will not have membership fees nor any particular obligations for members.

You just need to fill out a one-page form with your contact details, address, full name and date of birth, and then send a copy back. NSW Electoral Commission may also contact you to confirm your membership of the party.

Membership of the party is private.

To become a member, you must be enrolled to vote in New South Wales* and be supportive of Kellie Darley as a Councillor for City of Parramatta.

*To be enrolled to vote in NSW, you must be:

  • An Australian citizen (or British subject on the roll since 1984)
  • 16 years or older
  • Living at your current address for at least one month.

You can check your enrolment on the NSW Electoral Commission website – https://roll.elections.nsw.gov.au/NSWLookUp


If you know anyone else who would also be happy to sign up to be a member that would be much appreciated – older children, partners, parents or friends who would be happy to support Kellie and the Community Champions party.

We will need them to provide their information so we can check they are correctly enrolled, and then fill out a form and send it back to us.

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